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Cash flow forecasting or cash flow management is a key aspect of financial planning, forecasting future cash requirements to make sure there is no shortfall or indeed excess.

Knowing where your finances are today is just the start, on its own it’s not enough.

We work with you to build up a view of your future decisions, making sure you will be able to reach your financial goals and eliminate any shortfalls.

We help you with planning by using sophisticated lifetime cash flow forecasting software which helps you to see where you are heading.

This helps us and our clients plan and adapt to real life events, before, during and after they happen.

It also enables us to work with you to make smarter, more tangible financial decisions, giving us all the information we need to answer every “what-if” scenario.

Understand your finances

Understanding your current financial circumstances is just the start

Achieve your lifestyle goals

Once we see where you’re heading, we can steer you in the right direction

Mapping your financial future

We can model your future with our sophisticated forecasting software

Making informed decisions

We model the ‘what-if’ scenarios to help you plan intelligently


Pre-retirement planning

Retirement and beyond


Retirement planning

Peace of mind knowing you can fund the lifestyle you want.

Investment planning

Our investment strategy is based on understanding your needs.

Estate planning

Protect your family and home with an effective strategy.

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